About Me

Hello! My name is Annelie Piccino and I created this web site called Perennials Made Easy.

I have been gardening and growing perennials since I was young girl in Sweden.

My mother and aunts intoduced me to growing roses and perennials. Every spring and fall they divided many perennials let me create my own flower garden border.

It was my father who taught me how to improve the soil, and how everything starts with the soil.

Great soil is a must for most plants, and perennials grow best in soil amended with composted manure.


Me In My Garden

Since that time so long ago, I planted more perennials and roses than most people I know.

Everyone calls me a plant expert and always consult with me before buying any plants for their own garden.

Years ago I started designing flower beds and borders for friends and neighbors.

Nothing is more fun than creating a flower bed based on a color or a theme that turns out to be absolutely beautiful.

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Happy Gardening!
Annelie Piccino