Amaryllis Belladonna

Amaryllis belladonna: How to grow amaryllis bulbs in your garden and how to care for them, that’s what this page is all about.

The belladonna lily is a bulbous perennial that is very long lived and cultivated for its gorgeous, showy flowers.

Growing amaryllis: Because Amaryllis plants are native to South Africa, they flower the best in areas with warm, dry summers, such as Southern California, where I live.

Bold, straplike leaves form a clump about 1-2 feet high in fall and winter The foilage dies back by early summer.

About 6 weeks later, 2-3 feet flower stalks rise from the bare earth, each topped by a cluster of 4-12 fragrant, trumpet-shaped rose, pink flowers.

Amaryllis Flowers


How to grow amaryllis: You can grow it in almost any well-drained soil. It gets all the moisture it needs from winter rains.

But if winter rain is lacking, which happens in Los Angeles where I live, water it during that time.

Planting amaryllis: Plant bulbs about a foot apart, right after bloom period ends, if you bought one in a pot already blooming.

In areas where winter temperatures stay above 15 degrees F (-9C) keep tops of bulb necks at or slightly above soil level.

In colder winter areas, choose a protected southern exposure and set bulbs slightly below ground level.

Don’t disturb the bulbs once planted, because they may not bloom for several years if you lift and move them.

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Amaryllis seeds: Sow seeds thinly in containers at 61 Fahrenheit (16C) as soon as ripe. Grow under glass.

Grow them under glass for 1 or 2 seasons, before planting outdoors.

Plant Varieties: Here are some popular belladonna varieties: ‘Barberton‘, dark rose-pink flowers, ‘Cape Town‘, deep rose red flowers, ‘Hathor‘ has white blooms, ‘Johannesburg‘, pale pink flowers, and ‘Kimberley‘, bears deep carmine-pink flowers with white centers.

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