Blue Perennial

Blue Perennials:The list of blue perennials below will help you have blue flowers from spring, summer and fall.

I have always been enchanted by blue flowering perennials, such as the blue Delphinium perennial, and bellflowers, salvias etc.

Plants with blue flowers lend grace, romance and beauty to your garden.

I have found that I can grow blue blooming perennials all season long, because blue flowering plants are availabe for every season.

You will find the best blue flowers to buy right here for any time of the growing season. From early spring to late fall.

To make it easy, I have listed all the perennials for their blooming time. That way you can plan to have blue flower plants from early spring all the way through fall in your gardenl.

Blue Perennials

Blue Delphinums and Cannas

Many popular spring perennials that are blue come from perennial bulbs, such as the bulbous Irises, Daffodils and Tulips.

But I also adore Forget-me-nots, Campanula bellflowers, and Delphiniums which have some of the most beatiful blue flowers during the spring season.

Blue Perennials
Spring Flowers

Bluebell Flowers

There are two vareities of bluebell flowers: Spanish bluebells and English bluebells.

Both are enchanting garden plants that bloom in late spring.

Bluebells would look lovely mixed with the smaller white bulbs of Puschkinia scilloides ‘Alba’ and the blue forget-me-nots Myosotis for a longer season of color.

In suitable conditions, bluebells will qickly colonize the ground, which is perfect for a woodland garden setting.

You can propagate by division.

Zones 4-9.

Blue Perennials
Summer Flowers

blue perennials
Platycodon grandiflorus, Balloon Flower, ‘Double Blue’

A compact plant, 8-10 inches high. The cute buds look like balloons, and burst open to a bell shaped blue flower. Full sun. Blooms early summer and into fall. Zones 3-8.

blue perennials
Geranium pratense, ‘Dark Reiter’

Deep purple/blue flowers appear early summer. It’s a mounding plant, perfect for a rock garden. Resistant to deer and rabbits. Unusual red-purplish foilage. Full sun. Zones 4-8.

blue perennials
Echinops, Globe Thistle, ‘Blue Glow’

Very decorative steel blue flowers from July to September. Plant in a sunny border. Excellent for cut flowers. 2-4 feet tall. Zones 3.

blue perennials
Lavandula, Lavender, ‘Blue Cushion’

This is a compact Lavender plant, about 15 to 18 inches high. The blooms appear in late spring and continue through summer. I love the distinct lavander fragrance. Full sun. Zones 4-9.

blue perennials
Phlox paniculata, ‘Blue Boy’

A hardy summer flowering perennial. Great for mass plantings or in borders. Full sun to partial sun. Height 3-4 feet. Zones 4-8.

blue perennials
Perovska atrilicifolia, Russian Sage, ‘Little Spire’

A new sage variety growing to only 3 feet high. Beautiful silvery fragrant foilage. Deadhead for repeat blooms. Attracts butterflies. Great for hot dry areas. Full sun. Zones 4-9.

blue perennials
Geranium brookside, Hardy Blue

Blooms May to September. Grows to about 15-18 inches tall. Drought tolerant. Plant in full sun or partial sun. Very easy to grow perennial. Zones 4-8.

blue perennials
Phlox, ‘Hardy Blue Paradise’

This plant has large 5-6 inch flowerheads. A very hardy perennial that should be planted in well drained soil. Full sun to partial sun. 2-3 fet tall. Zones 3-8.

blue perennials
Polemonium boreale, ‘Heavenly Habit’

Also know as ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. A fragrant blue perennial that blooms early summer. Likes moist areas. About 18-20 inches tall. Plant in partial shade. Zones 3-9.

blue perennials
Prunella grandiflora, ‘Freelander Blue’

Blooms all summer long. Very winter hardy. A prolific flowering perennial with intense violet blue flowers. Grows to only 7-10 inches high and spreads quickly. Full sun to partial. Zones 4-8.

blue perennials
Salvia, New Dimension Blue

A compact Salvia perennial. Lots of blooms from early to midsummer. Deadhead to prolong flowering. 10-12 inches tall. Plant in full sun and very well drained soil. Drought tolerant. Zones 5-9.

blue perennials
Stokesia laevis, ‘Blue Danube’

One of the longest blooming of all blue perennials, it flowers from July until frost. It’s a low growing plant about 12-15 inches tall with lovely large flowers. Plant in a sunny spot and well drained soil. Zones 5-9.

blue perennials
Veronica spicata, ‘Ulster Blue Dwarf’

Flowers from June to October. A great compact long blooming perennial. Rabbit and deer resistant. Best in well drained soil. Attracts butterflies. A super cut flower. Full sun. Zones 3-7.

blue perennials
Vinca minor, ‘Illumination’

The golden, green edged foilage is very attractive, and is a perfect backdrop to the periwinkle blue flowers. Perfect for lighting up a shady area. Plant in full sun or partial shade, Deer resistant. Blooms early to midsummer. Zones 4-9.

blue perennials
Campanula persicifolia, ‘Bellflower La Belle’

Deep blue flowers. A long-blooming perennial that flowers from early to late summer. The foilage is evergreen. Full sun to partial shade. Grows to 2 feet high. Zones 3-8.

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