Chrysanthemum Varieties

Chrysanthemum Varieties: The most useful of all fall-blooming perennial chrysanthemums is the chrysanthemum x grandiflora, ‘Florist Chrysanthemum’, types.

These chrysanthemums are the most versatile and varied of all chrysanthemum species. These are also known as mums for short.

Available in many flower sizes, colors, plant sizes, from under a foot to 6 feet tall.

The colors include white, yellow, red, pink, orange, bronze, purple and lavender, as well as multicolors.

Chrysanthemum flowers are popular for there bright, showy flowers.


Beautiful Chrysanthemum Flowers

These upright, bushy herbaceous perennials are the stars of late summer and fall gardens.

So if you want a garden with pretty fall colors, go ahead and plant some chrysanthemums for fall colors.

Chrysanthemum Plant Varieties

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c.alison kirk
C. ‘Alison Kirk’
zones 4-9, 4 feet

c. autumn days
C. ‘Autumn Days’
zones 4-9, 4 feet

c. bronze fairie
C. ‘Bronze Fairie’
zones 4-9, 30 inch

c. bronze hedgerow
C. ‘Bronze Hedgerow’
zones 4-9, 5 feet

c. bronze yvonne arnaud
C. ‘Carinatum’
zones 4-9, 24 inch

c. clara curtis
C. ‘Clara Curtis’
zones 4-9, 30 inch

c. george griffiths
C. ‘George Griffiths’
zones 4-9, 5 feet

C. Maria
C. Maria
zones 4-9, 18 inch

c. pennine alfie
C. Pennine Alfie
zones 4-9, 4 feet

c. pennine flute
C. Pennine Flute
zones 4-9, 4 feet

c. pennine oriel
C. Pennine Oriel
zones 4-9, 4 feet

c. purple pennine wine
C. Pennine Wine
zones 4-9, 4 feet

c. roy coopland
C.Roy Coopland
zones 4-9, 4.5 feet

c. salmon fairie
C. Salmon Fairie
zones 4-9, 12 inch

c. satin pink gin
C. Satin Pink Gin
zones 4-9, 4 feet


How To Grow Chrysanthemums tips for growing mums in your garden. Soil and planting conditions.

Pruning Chrysanthemums Using the pinch-pruning method will help the plant grow bushier and produce lots more flowers.

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