Clematis Varieties

Clematis Varieties: My affiliated clematis nurseries have the best selection of clematis vines for sale.

Of the more than 200 clematis species, most are deciduous vines, the exception include the useful clematis armandii and clematis cirrhosa.

The absolutely beautiful flowers come in a variety of shapes and flower colors.

The blooms are usually 4-6 inches across, except for a few species.

When deciding where to plant your clematis vine, remember that most types need 5-6 hours of sunlight per day during the season, to produce the greatest number of blooms.

clematis vine

Clematis ‘Jackmanii’ Vine

Place the clematis vine next to a metal obelisk, trellis or arbor. A chainlink fence would work well also.

The plants should be mulched liberally to keep their “feet in the shade”. Planting some shallow-rooted annuals or groundcovers over the base is also good.

Don’t let them dry out, so water regularly if rainfall is lacking.

Clematis Plant Varieties

The clematis varieties listed below are absolutely the most popular varieties available.

And they are all available at my affiliated clematis nursery, so if you want to buy a clematis vine plant, click on the blue headlines next to the pictures.

clematis prince charles
My favorite blue clematis is ‘Prince Charles’, pictured here. Best flower performance is when the top part is in sunshine while the roots are shaded. Low growing annuals will to the trick for that. The beautiful, deeply ribbed, violet blue flowers are 4 inches across. Zones 4-9.

clematis candida
The most popular white varieties are ‘Henryii’, summer blooming, and ‘Candida’ that blooms spring and summer. Both have pure white flowers. Zones 4-9.

clematis jackmanii
Gardeners, and my own favorite purple variety is the classic ‘Jackmanii’, pictured here. The dark purple seplas is why this plant is so popular. It doesn’t hurt that the vine is always covered with purple blooms all summer long either. Grows to about 6-10 feet tall. Hardiness zones 2-11.

clematis nelly moser
You can’t go wrong with my favorite pink clematis ‘Nelly Moser’, pictured here. It’s an outstanding cultivar that tolerates partial shade. It has recieved the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. Prune lightly above the new leaf buds in early spring and remove any dead or weak stems. Zones 4-9.

Pruning Clematis Vines: Instructions for pruning clematis vines that bloom at different times.

Clematis Armandii An evergreen clematis vine that flowers early in spring.

Clematis Care Seasonal care for clematis plants.

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