Flower Garden Ideas

I have put together some great flower garden ideas for you to use when designing your garden.

Try these garden design ideas and techniques to create an appealing and beautiful perennial flower garden.

This simple to follow garden idea revolves around my favorite garden design technique that even a beginner can use.

This design idea for a flower garden, is based on designing your garden around a favorite plant, and a favorite color.

flower garden ideas

A Flower Garden In My Hometown of Sweden

But first lets explore some basic things about flower gardening in general.

The best and most interesting flower gardens have a sense of place, because they reflect the region in which they grow.

For example, Southern gardens have a rich tradition of formal, symmetrical beds, separated by brick paths.

While Western gardens tend to be more casual and rambling.

Use local hardscaping materials whenever possible, and keep your regions style in mind.

I also recommend that you attend local garden tours, and visit local public gardens to give you flower garden ideas.

Doing this will give you a lot of flower garden ideas for nifty plants, and you’ll get tips on what makes gardens in your area distinctive.

Flower Garden Design
With Your Favorite Plant

So what is your favorite perennial flowering plant? You might have more than one, most people do.

Well, that’s even better, if those plants flower during different seasons.

For example, one of your favorite plants blooms in the spring, another during summer, and a third flowers in fall.

Getting Started

Start by creating 3 lists, one for each season. Put your 3 favorites at the top of each season list.

You should have your garden site inventory of plants, and soil, site analysis handy as you make your list.

You existing plant inventory is especially important as you select companion plants for them, if you are re-doing an existing flower garden.

Favorite Plant Color
Flower Garden Ideas

Now think about the colors of your favorite perennials. Lets say all three have yellow flowers, to keep things simple.

Next you have to think about what color scheme you prefer. Do you like a complementary, analogous, monochromatic, or a triad color scheme?

Don’t know what these are? Don’t worry, the next chapter will explain this important garden design detail for you.

Using The Color Wheel
To Find Your Color Scheme

flower garden ideas

The Color Wheel

The color wheel is simply the colors of the rainbow arranged in a circle.

A color wheel (feel free to download this one), is one of the most valuable tools a perennial garden designer can use.

It becomes very handy as a guide to color scheme combinations that I always use when creating a new bed, or re-working an old one.

COMPLEMENTARY: Color accross each other on the color wheel are called complementary colors. Red and green are complementary, as are yellow and violet, and orange and blue.

ANALOGOUS: Colors that are beside each other on the wheel are known as analogous, or harmonous colors. Violet and red-violet are analogous colors, as are red and red-orange, and blue and blue-violet, and blue and blue-green.

TRIAD: A color triad is made up of colors that are separated by three colors on the wheel. For example: red, yellow and blue, or blue-violet; red-orange and yellow green.

MONOCHROMATICS: Monochromatic color schemes are built using only one color.

Begin by using the main color for your site, purple for example. To add variety, you need to use different hues, shades, tints, or tones of purple, as well as dabs of complementary colors to add interest. For purple color hues, I always plant a few white perennials or roses to add a bright spark to my garden.

By selecting either a complementary, analogous, monochromatic , or a triad of colors, you are almost guaranteed to get a good color scheme, and a beautiful flower garden.

Example Of A Purple Color Scheme

If you like a complementary scheme, my flower garden ideas would include a plant with purple flowers for each season.

Purple-or-violet-and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel.

Flower Garden Ideas

A Purple and Yellow Color Scheme Garden

You now have six plants for your new flower garden. Three yellow and three purple, and three seasons of blooms.

You should now add a different color. I recommend orange.

Orange makes a triad with purple, and it can be used in an analogous color scheme with yellow.

Now choose one orange perennial plant for each season. Then you’ll have nine plants for the garden that will give you color each season.

Next select complementary foilage plants, or summer bulbs, such as lilies, to set off the plants you already selected.

Selecting fewer plant species and purchasing several (3 is a good number) of each, will make your garden more interesting and beautiful, than a collection of individual species.

That’s another ot my best flower garden ideas you should always use.

Finally, select a few annuals that go with your color scheme, and use these to fill in the gaps.

I hope you have found my flower garden ideas useful and helpful for creating your own garden.

These ideas are the ones I personally use for my own garden.


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