Flowering Vines

Perennial flowering vines, garden vines with flowers, are climbing plants that offer you great and exciting flowering planting possiblities in your gardens. I just love perennial vines and love planting them every which way.

Climbing Zephirine Drouhin rose and the white Clematis Henryii.

Many are fast growing flower vines you can wrap pergolas, arches and arbors with scented flowers and lush foilage to create stunning features, such as in the picture to the left here. Isn’t this a wonderful welcoming arbor to a garden?

No matter what your garden is like there is a vine for you. Shade loving vines, and fragrant vines that should be planted in the sun.

There are also so many types of vines that can be threaded through trees and shrubs. Or grow flowering climbing plants in containers with a trellis, to add height to a patio display, or give privacy to a balcony. The possibilities are endless.

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Flowering Vines

Passion Vines, Passiflora The Blue Crown passion flower is the most stunning and also the most widely planted of all the passion vines.

Zones 5-9, heat zones 12-24. Evergreen, or semi-evergreen in colder climate parts.

Flowering VinesHoneysuckle Vine, Lonicera.

Evergreen or semi-evergreen, depending on climate zones which vary by species.

Plant in full sun or part shade per species. Fragrant clusters of flowers that attract hummingbirds.

Flowering Vines

Sweet Potato Vine, Ipomoea batatas.

A perennial vine, mostly grown as an annual.

It’s not a potato, but a trailing tropical vine that loves to grow in Hawaii.

This one doesn’t have flowers, but the foilage colors make up for it.

Needs long frost free climate areas. Zones 8-10, heat zones 18-24.

Flowering Vines

Trumpet Vines, Campsis.

Large vigorous climbing vines that are semi-evergreen or deciduous depending on the different species.

Climate zones also varies, so be sure it will be the right zone for your garden.

Flowering Vines
Climbing Hydrangea Vine, H. petiolaris.

It can climb as high as 60 feet, so give it plenty of room.

Becomes woody with age, and needs pruning.

When mature develops flat, white lacecap flower clusters that are large and very beautiful.

Flowering Vines
Jasmine Vines, Jasminum.

Not all Jasmine vines are fragrant, so check before ordering.

They climb by twinging stems.

The popular Star Jasmine is not a true Jasmine vine, despite it’s common name.

Some Jasmines are shrubby, so if you like the vine types, make sure the Jasmine plant you are buying is the vining variety. Zones vary by species.

Flowering Vines
Hyacinth Bean Vine, Dolichos lablab.

A perennial vine usually grown as annual.

Can be grown in all zones. It is also a fast growing vine that grows to 10 feet tall and is naturalized in Hawaii.

Flowering Vines
Mandevilla Vine.

The hybrid “Alice du Point” variety is the most widely grown of the Mandevilla flowering vines.

They are cold tender perennial vines that flowers from early spring through fall in warmer climates.

The flowers are not fragrant but very beautiful. Only plant outdoors in warm climates.

Flowering Vines
Morning Glory Vines, Ipomoea.

These flowering vines are native to the tropics of the world.

The Ipomoea Indica, Blue Dawn flower vine variety is a perennial. It’s a vigorous flowering vine that grows rapidly to 15-30 feet.

Blooms spring into fall. It can be grown from seeds that flower in one year. Zones 8-9. Heat zones 12-24.

Flowering Vines
Wisteria Vines, Fabaceae.

A deciduous flowering vine that grows to a great size and is very long-lived.

There are tow Japanese varieties and one Chinese variety. The stunning fragrant flowers appear in spring or early summer. Hardy to zones 2-3.

Flowering Vines
Clematis Vines
Some varieties are evergreen, but most are deciduous.

There are over 200 types of Clematis vines, the queen of flowering vines for sure.

The evergreen variety C.armandii and C. cirrhosa are very popular. But I love the blue and purple Clematis vines the best.

They need 5-6 hours of direct sun per day. Since they are twining vines they are ideal to plant with roses.

Planting zones vary by species

flowering Vines
Sweet Pea Vine, Lathyrus fabaceae.
Theheirloom Sweet Pea varieties are the most fragrant.

Before sewing from seeds, provide a wire support ro the tendrils can vine as soons as they form.

A free-standing wiretrellis, running north and south is the best. Zones vary for different species of Sweet Peas.

Flowering Vines
Virginia Creeper Vines, Parthenocissus inserta.

These deciduous flowering vines are valued for their handsome foilage.

It’s green in the summer, and turns brilliant orange/red in the fall. Very beautiful.

Grows to 50 -60 feet tall by clinging to walls by suction disks.

Do not plant on shingles, clapboard or any mortared stone or brick to avoid damage to structures.

Zones vary for each pecies.

Flowering Vines
Black Eyed Susan Vine, Thunbergia alata.

It’s perennial in heat zones 23-24. Annual in other climates zones. Tropical twining plants with very showy flowers.

Grow only as a perennial in warm climates. Otherwise grow as an annual.

It’s a fast growing vine that blooms the first season. Plant it in partial shade in the hottest regions.

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