Full Sun Ground Covers

Full Sun Ground Covers: best sun loving ground covers for sunny garden areas.

Groundcovers are great because they carpet your landscape in foilage and flowers while simplifying your garden maintenance.

Places that are perfect for sun ground covers are sunny, steep slopes where lawn mowers can’t go.

Other great places for these low maintenance groundcovers are along driveways and on sidewalk strips.

These are some of the troublesome landscape situations that test the patience of lots of gardeners.

The full sun ground covers listed below are not only low in maintenance, but some are also very drought tolerant.

Six Sun Loving Ground Covers

corsican pearlwort
Corsican Pearlwort (Sagina subulata)
Looks like moss, but is actually a mat-forming evergreen perennial. Tiny white flowers decorate the soft emerald tufts early in summer. Hardy and good looking in cracks, between pavers. Plants can be purchased in 4 inch pots, then sliced into thirds with a knife. Full sun to partial sun ground cover growing to about half an inch high. Zones 4-7.

creeping juniper
Creeping Juniper (Juniperus cultivars)
This is perhaps the most widely grown evergreen groundcover. It colors the landscape year-round with needles ranging from silvery blue to golden green. The “Alpine Carpet” variety grows slowly to 8 inches tall and 48 inches wide. Use junipers to hold slopes or as easy underplanting for tall shrubs. Full sun. Zones 3-9.

Dichondra (Dichondra micrantha)
Spreads rapidly via surface runners that gardeners in warm Zones sometimes use instead of turfgrass. Tiny white blossoms shaped like miniature morning glories adorn the lush rounded foilage. Plants must be weeded, watered and fertlized regularly. Full sun to partial sun. Grows 2-4 inches high.

Stonecrop (Sedum spp)
Varieties ran the gamut from tall and thin to short and plump. They can spread quickly, such as the “Sedum acre” 2 inches tall stonecrop. Or slowly, 4 inch tall “Sedum kantschaticum”, Zones 4-9 for both. The succulent, waxy foilage stands up to extreme drought and high winds. Excellent drainage is critical. These ground cover plants dislike supplemental feeding. Talk about low maintenance! Full sun for sure.

dwarf plumbago
Dwarf Plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides)
Spreads rapidly via runners, providing eye-catching camouflage for spent bulb foilage in Southern gardens. But it’s this perennial’s late summer, peacock blue flowers that turn heads. Full sun, grows to about 10-12 inches tall. Zones 6-9.

hens and chicks
Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum spp)
These plants spread via offsets and can be found in hundreds of colors and forms. Plant this drought tolerant ground cover in poor soil in gravel areas or stone walls. Full sun, 1-6 inches high depending on species. Zones 4-10 depending on species.

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