Geranium Plants

Cranesbill geranium plants are the hardy perennial geraniums that are perfect for growing outdoors in your garden’s flowerbeds and borders.

I especially like the perennial Rozanne geranium for under-planting my roses with. ‘Rozanne’s’ blue flowers look fabulous with any rose color blooms.

The cranesbill geraniums are the true geraniums, and should not be confused with the indoor zonal geranium, botanically, Pelargonium plant. It’s cold tender and is usually grown as a houseplant indoors. Although they look nice in pots ouside in the summer.

Many types of hardy geraniums bloom over a long time with very attractive flowers. Colors include blue, purple, magenta, rose and even pure whites.

Gerenium Plants

Cranesbill Geranium Plant

Some plants grow upright while others are trailing. The upright plants are very compact and useful for small gardens, and tucked in front of a flowerbed, or my favorite: planted around roses. Such a great plant combination.

How To Grow Geraniums

The plants grow best in cool and mild summer regions, where they can grow in full sun, or light shade.

If you garden in a hot climate zone, only plant them where they get afternoon shade.

Geranium sanguineum is the classic perennial geranium for a flower border.

It grows about 1-2 feet tall and is hardy to zonez 3-8.

Plant in most, well-drained soil, the same as for roses.

Space plants about 15 inches apart. Pruning the geraniums after initial flower flush, will result in fresh new foilage and new blooms or summer.

You can divide the plants every 5-6 years to renew them.

Perennial Geranium Varieties

If you like to buy the geraniums above, which happens to be the most popular varieties, just Click on the headlines under the pictures. Thet will take you to an online nursery. Those nurseries have more varieties to choose from as well.

Geranium care is actually only minimal, but there are some growing requirements you should be aware of, so go to the link above for tips about caring for perennial geraniums.

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