Ground Cover Plants

Below is a list of great ground cover plants. Many are hardy ground covers, some are sunloving, and others are ground covers for shade.

All are perennial ground covers that will return at the same time every year.

These ground cover perennial plants are meant for areas where there is no, or very infrequent, foot traffic.

Many of these plants offer the neatness of a lawn, but with a lot less maintenance and weekly upkeep, such as mowing the lawn.

I like the texture and colors of these groundcovers, and many have wonderful flowers, some with fragrance.

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Ground cover plants

Creeping Thyme Ground Cover

You can also combine different plants to form a beautiful tapestry. Choose some with different flowering seasons for long term beauty and interest.

The height of the plants vary from knee high to totally flat. So be sure to check out the growth habits of the ground covers before purchasing.

Some spread by rooting stems or underground runners, others form clumps and should be planted close together to achieve a solid cover.

Ground Cover Plants

Snow in Summer Ground Cover

Which perennial ground cover plant will grow the best in your garden, depends largely upon your region’s climate.

Climate, is in fact the single most decisive factor in your gardening plan and selecting the right ground cover.

Groundcovers are also ideal for slopes as they will stop soil erosions.

If you have very dry areas, select a drought tolerant ground cover such as Iceplants for those areas.

In fact there is a groundcover for any garden situation possible.

Full Sun Ground Covers
Click on the headline above to view my page about sun loving ground cover plants that are very beautiful.

Evergreen Groundcovers For Shade A list of evergreen groundcover plants for shadier areas in your garden.

Perennial Ground Cover Plants

BASKET of GOLD: Aurinia saxatilis, full sun only, zones 1-24.

WOOLLY YARROW,: Achellia, sun, zones 1-24.

BISHOP’S WEED: Aegopodium podagraria, sun or shade, Zones 1-9.

CARPET BUGLE: Ajuga, sun, part shade, Zones 1-24.

LADY’S MANTLE: Alchemilla, sun, sun, part shade, zones vary.

WINDFLOWER: Anemone, part shade, zones 2-9.

ROCKCRESS: Arabis, sun, zones vary.

CAPE WEED: Arctotheca, sun, zones 8-9.

SANDWORT: Arenaria, sun, zones vary.

THRIFT: Armeria, sun, zones vary.

WILD GINGER: Asarum. part shade, shade, Zones vary.

FALSE SPIRAEA: Astilbe, sun, part shade, zones 1-9.

BELLFLOWER: Campanula, sun, part shade, zones 1-9.

BLUE SEDGE: Carex, sun, part shade, zones 3-9.

SNOW IN SUMMER: Cerastium, sun, part shade, zones 1-24.

DWARF PLUMBAGO: Cecatostigma, sun, part shade, zones 2-10.

CHAMOMILE: Chamaemelum, sun, part shade, zones 2-24.

LILY OF THE VALLEY: Convallaria, part shade, zones 1-7.

GROUND MORNING GLORY: Convolvulus, sun, part shade, zones 4-9.

CROWN VETCH: coronilla, sun, zones 1-24.

KENILWORTH IVY: Cymbalaria, part shade, shade, zone 3-24.

TWINSPUR: Diascia, sun, part shade, Zones vary.

INDIAN MOCK STRAWBERRY: Duchesnea, sun, part shade, zones 1-24.

MEXICAN DAISY: Erigeron, sun, part shade, zone 8-9.

CRANESBILL: Hardy Geranium, sun, part shade, zones 7-9.

FESCUE: Festuca, sun, part shade, zones vary.

BEACH STRAWBERRY: Fragraria, sun, part shade, zone 4-24.

SWEET WOODRUFF: Galium, part shade, shade, zones 2-6.

GAZANIA: African daisy, sun zones vary.

GROUND IVY: Glechoma, sun, part shade, zones 1-10.

GREEN CARPET: Herniaria, sun, part shade, zones 2-24.

ICE PLANTS: sun, zones vary.

DEAD NETTLE: Lamium, part shade, shade, zones vary.

CREEPING LILY TURF: Liriope, sun, part shade, zones 3-10.

CUP FLOWER: Nierembergia, sun, part shade, zones vary.

EVENING PRIMROSE: Oenothera, sun, part shade, Zones vary.

MONDO GRASS: Ophiopogon, sun, part shade, zones 5-9.

OREGANO: Origanum, sun, zones vary.

TRAILING AFRICAN DAISY: Osteospermum, sun, zones 8-9.

REDWOOD SORREL: Oxalis, sun, part shade, zones 4-9.

JAPANESE SPURGE: Pachysandra, part shade, shade zones 2-10.

IVY GERANIUM: Pelargonium, sun, part shade, shade, zones 1-24.

KNOTWEED: Persicaria, sun, part shade, zones vary.

MOSS PINK: Phlox, sun, part shade, zones 1-17.

LIPPIA: Phyla, sun, zones 8-24.

CINQUEFOIL: Potentilla, sun, part shade, zones vary.

SELF HEAL: Prunella, sun, part shade, zones 2-24.

LUNGWORT: Pulmonaria, part shade, shade, zones 1-9.

CREEPING BUTTERCUP: Ranunculus, sun, part shade, zones 1-10.

IRIS MOSS: Sagina, sun, part shade, zones 1-11.

SAXIFRAGE: Saxifraga, part sun, shade, zones vary.

STONECROP: Sedum, sun, zones vary.

BABY’S TEAR: Soleirolia, sun, part shade, zones 4-24.

GERMANDER: Tencrium, sun, zones vary.

THYME: Thymus, sun, part shade, zones vary.

VERBENA: sun, zones vary.

SPEEDWELL: Veronica, sun, zones vary.

PERIWINKLE: Vinca sun, part sun, zones vary.

VIOLA: Viola, part shade, zones 1-24.

CALIFORNIA FUCHSIA: Zauschneria, part shade, zones vary.

KOREAN GRASS: Zoysia, sun, part shade, zones 8-9.

These are all perennial ground cover plants. Be sure to only plant them in the right climate zone and also pay attention to sun and shade, as sunloving perennial ground covers will not grow in shade, and vice versa.

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