Growing Hollyhocks

Growing hollyhocks: How to grow hollyhocks, seasonal care and growing tips for Alcea rosea hollyhock plants, that what’s this page is all about.

Since hollyhocks originated from the Meditrerrean region, they grow best in full sun and average, but well-drained soil.

If you don’t have well-drained soil, you must build a raised bed at least a foot high, higher is better.

Moist compost enriched soil will encourage lush growth, but the fast growing flower stems most likely will sprawl over.

Another thing you need to know is that hollyhocks don’t need to be divided, like other perennials, which is a great plus.

Growing Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks Growing Against A Fence

When growing hollyhocks, choose a site that is sheltered from wind, because they are less likely to topple over.

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Seasonal Care

Plant small purchased plants, or transplant young seedlings, in early to late spring. Space them about 18 inches apart.

Once a hollyhock plant is established it doesn’t want to be disturbed, so be sure to choose the right spot when planting them.

You should water young plants during dry spells, and apply an organic mulch before summer.

In early summer, place a couple of tall stakes next to each clump.

I like the plastic-coated metal stakes because they look good and do the job.

When the flower stalks grows you can then quickly attach them to the growing stems as they need support.

The peak blooming time for hollyhocks is around midsummer, when they put on a wondewrful flower show.

I usually invite my friends for lunch on my patio when they are flowering at their very best, so they can view the stunning blooms.

Once the flowers have faded, cut the entire plant just above the soil level to get a good looking clump with fresh foilage.

Or, you could let seeds form and collect them for sowing in late summer.

Water spring planted hollyhocks during dry summer weather throughout summer.

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