Hardy Hibiscus

The hardy hibiscus plant is known as Common Rose Mallow, or Swamp Mallow, Hibiscus moscheutos.

This hardy perennial hibiscus add a tropical look to a non-tropical climate zone garden.

So if you like a touch of the tropics, go ahead and plant a hibiscus perennial plant in your garden.

For you gardeners who live where heat and humidity makes it difficult for other perennials to handle, you’ll really appriciate the fact that hot and humid conditions are no problems for the hibiscus rose mallow plants.

perennial hibiscus disco belle

Hardy Perennial Hibiscus 'Disco Belle' Plant

I just love the popular ‘Disco Belle’ variety in the picture above, and it’s easily sown from seeds, that will flower the first year.

Plant Information

Perennial hibiscus plants have large maple-leaf shaped foliage, and and huge flowers, most with dark eyes.

They have the largest flowers of all hibiscus plant varieties, sometimes reaching 1 foot accross.

The plant itself grows to 6-8 feet tall and 3 feet wide, so please keep that in mind when you set the little seedlings out in spring.

They start to flower in late spring, or early summer, and continue flowering until frost arrives.

The hibiscus plant dies to the ground in winter even in warm climates, but will grow back next season again. That’s what perennials do.

Growing Hibiscus

They need to grow in full sun to flower the very best. And a steady supply of moisture is critical.

If you want real spectacular blooms, you should fertilize your hibiscus moscheutos every six weeks during the grwoing season.

Planting Hibiscus

These plants are actually easy to grow from seeds, which is easy on your budget. And they will bloom the first year.

Or you can set out purchased plants in 4 inch pots in early spring. Remove the pots before planting.

Caring For Hibiscus Plants

To really flower well you need to monitor the moisture level in the soil. They don’t tolerate drought at all.

Remove spent blooms as they fade to prevent self-sowing. It’s a good idea also to keep the plant looking good and tidy.

Perennial Hibiscus Plants
Most Popular Varieties

Here are the best recommended plants and species of the hardy hibiscus plants that you will enjoy growing in your own garden.

‘Disco Belle’ * ‘Kopper King’ * ‘Southern Belle’ * ‘Luna Mix’ * ‘Lady Baltimore’ * ‘The Clown’ * ‘Crimson Wonder’ * ‘Blue River II’ * ‘George Riegel’ *


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