Names Of Spring Flowers

Below is the names of spring flowers, perennials, that bloom in the spring. Many are very early flowering perennial flowers.

Spring flowers pictures of the best spring flowering perennials to plant in your garden.

I have allso included a list of spring flowers, all perennials, that are early spring blooming flowers.

The very first perennial spring flowers to flower, begin to bloom as the snow melts.

Others leaf out quickly, the foilage followed by cheerful flowers.

To find out the names of early spring perennials that are suited for your region and climate zone, I recommend that you visit a local garden nursery or/ and a botanical garden.

To develop a beautiful, early color, in your garden, arrange first blooming perennials in clusters.

Always plant flowers with similar needs and compatible colors together.

Plant perennials in groups of three to make an impact.

Do not scatter sparse patches of plants in your garden, because it will not look good.

Spring Flowering Perennials

This page focus is on a preplanned spring flower border that you can re-create in your own garden.

All the planning and layout of the bed is done for you so the only thing for you to do is to buy the spring plants and plant them following my custom garden bed design.

The theme for this delightful garden border is tulips along with special perennials, and long-flowering annuals and biennuals.

Spring Perennial Flower Advice

When you get new perennial spring plants, or established once, it’s time to start thinking about applying some fresh mulch.

Applying mulch in the early to mid-spring is fine if the weather is mild and dry, or where the soil is sandy.

However, waiting until late spring is a better when the weather has been cold and rainy, or if you soil is clayey.

To give new plants a boost, use a liquid starter fertilizer. Be sure to follow the directions on the package.

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