Peony Flowers

Paeonia, peony flowers are perennials and diciduous shrubs that bear very fragrant and beautiful blooms.

This is a complete guide for growing peonies, peony care, transplanting peonies, planting peony bushes, dividing peonies and peony disease troubleshooting.

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Most garden peonies are hybrids. The two basic types are herbaceous and tree peonies, which are both descendants from Chinese species.

All peony bushes are extremely long-lived. I have one that was planted in 1925, and is still beautiful and flowers very well.

The huge and exotic blooms of peony hybrids don’t last as long as I would want, but they are one of the unparalled beauties in the flower kingdom, and a must have for any gardener.

There are very few things more beautiful in home than a vase of fresh cut peonies sitting on a dining table or elsewhere.

Peony Flwers

A Peony Garden

A fresh cut peony flower is one of the best choices for a bridal bouquet.

The fragrance of the flowers is so lovely, and I just love my bottle of Peony Pefume, and my Peony Body Lotion.

They make such great gifts for gardeners who love peonies, and we all do, that’s for sure.

The picture of the peony garden to the right shows how stunning peonies look in a garden.

Herbaceous Peonies

Peony Flowers

Herbaceous Peony Guardian of the Monestery

They are descendants of the perennial P. lactiflora peonies.

Herbaceous peonies die to the ground in late fall. The clump-forming perennials sprout up from sub-surface buds each spring on upright stems from 2-4 feet tall.

The peony stems carry large, single, semi-double or double flowers in shades of pink, coral and red.

The hardiness of garden peonies varies on the variety, but most are hardy in zones 3 to 7 or 8.

They don’t grow well in areas where they don’t have enough winter cold.

The fern peony, Paeonia, “little Red Gem” is one of my favorites.

Peony Trees

Peony Flowers

Peony Tree Koningin Wilhelmina

Tree peonies grow flowers on permanent woody branches, and are descendants of P. suffruticosa

When buying tree peonies, look for plants that have already started to form their own root systems.

Tree peonies are deciduous shrubs, and can be growing in zones 2-12.

They grow slowly to 2-6 feet tall, and eventually as wide.

The foilage have attractive divided blue-green to bronzy-green leaves.

The flowers are generally very large and they bloom in spring.

When you click on the headline above, this page will take you to the peony plants for sale. There are pictures of lots of beautiful peonies with links to a peony nursery that sell mailorder peonies to be shipped to you.

This is all about caring for peonies. Seasonal care for spring, summer, fall.

How to grow peonies that flowers to their best ability. My best growing tips for success with peony bushes.

Peonies are best planted in the fall, either as bare-root plants or as a nursery container plant. Here is my guide for planting perfect peony bushes.

Transplanting Peonies

Peonies don’t like to be transplanted. But you can move them as long as they don’t notice that you have done it. Here is how you can do that.

Dividing Peonies

You can propagate peonies by divisionin the fall when they are dormant. But you must use special care when digging.

Peony Disease

During cool, humid weather the fungal disease botrytis can be a problem sometimes, especially for herbaceous peony varieties.

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