Perennial Flower Garden Designs

I have designed two perennial flower garden designs for a sunny site.

One of the flower garden designs is a drought tolerant sun garden with easy to grow perennials that need very little maintenance.

The other flower garden design is a classic border of mixed perennials for a backyard garden.

All the perennial flowers in these preplanned sun gardens are pictured below. You can even purchase the plants if you want.

Complete buying information is included if you click on the blue headlines next to the pictures.

Sample Garden Design Plan
Drought Tolerant Sun Garden

Classic sunny garden

A 15 x 13 feet Drought Tolerant Sunny Garden Design

This flower garden design is planned with tough perennial plants that will come back year after year.

The center piece (H), is a birdbath that will attract feathered visitors to your garden.


The plants for the drought tolerant garden thrives in very fast-draining soil that is not too rich.

catmint 'walkers low'
A: Nepeta x faasenii
6 Catmint’s ‘Walkers Low’
Zones 3-8

perennial flower garden designs
B: Achillea filipondula
2 Yarrows ‘Cloth of Gold’
Zones 3-9

Lavender 'Hidcote'
C: Lavandula angustifolia
4 Lavenders ‘Hidcote’
Zones 5-8

Coreopsis Zamfir
D: Coreopsis auriculata
Coreopsis ‘Zamfir’
Zones 1-24

Russian Sage
E: Perovskia atriplicifolia
3 Russian sages
Zones 5-9

Purple Coneflower
F: Echinacea purpurea
3 Purple Coneflowers
Zones 3-8

Ruby Candle Penstemon
G: Penstemon hybrid
5 Penstemons’Ruby Candle’
Zones 4-9

Roseville Birdbath
H: Classic Birdbath
Roseville Birdbath
Fun for the birds

Phlox Paniculata
I: Phlox Paniculata

6 Garden Phlox plants

Zones 4-8

Classic Backyard Garden Design

This perennial flower garden design plan edge a lawn, or any other open area, with a mix of easy to grow perennials in pink, yellow and blue.

It’s a great long-blooming backyard border that looks beautiful bordering a lawn, or any other sunny garden spot.

Classic Sunny Garden Plan

A 13 x 6 feet Classic Sunny Backyard Garden Plan


All the plants pictured below, will give you a long-blooming perennial flower border for your backyard. The boxwoods are dwarf and evergreen and will give some winter interest.

dwarf boxwood
A. Buxus sinica
3 Dwarf Boxwoods
Zones 5-9

describe image
B. Hesperis matronallis
4 Dames rockets
Zones 4-9

Lambs Ear
C. Stachys byzantina
1 Lamb’s Ear
Zones 4-8

cranesbill geranium
D. Geranium sanguineum
4 G.cranesbills
Zones 4-8

Penstemon 'Pretty Petticoat'
E. Penstemon ssp
1 Beardtongue
Zones 4-8

Bellflower 'White Cloud'
F. Campanula persicifolia
2 White bellflowers
Zones 3-8

Leopard's bane
G. Doronicum orientale
4 Leopard’s Bane
Zones 4-8

yarrrrow moonshine
H. Achillea
2 Yarrows
Zones 3-9

delphiniums mixed
I. Delphinium spp
9 Delphiniums mixed
Zones 407

sedum autumn joy
J. Sedum spectabile
1 Sedum’Autumn Joy’
Zones 3-10

Hope you enjoyed these two perennal flower garden designs for a sunny garden spot.

If you have any questions, please use my Contact Form for posting your questions.

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