Planting In Containers

Planting in containers is easy and fun, but only if you plant a container the right way.

There are several things you can do to make your container planting a success.

Keep in mind that plants and flowers growing in containers need more care than plants growing in the ground.

Perennial flowers add color, texture and all their other characteristics to a container garden planting.

So if you have no extra ground in which to plant a garden, or would like to decorate your patio or deck, try growing perennials in containers.

The possiblity of containers lets you bring plant species that are not hardy in your region, inside for the winter.

planting in containers

A Container with Hydrangea Plant and Trailing Petunias

The container plantings in the picture above provides a focal point in this garden.

Don’t be afraid to invest in a beautiful container when you want a spectacular display for a container garden.

Perennials For Containers best perennials for a container garden.

How To Plant A Container Garden

1. Choose A Container bigger than you think you’ll need, and make sure it has drainage holes.

2. Put Gravel In The Bottom to prevent soil from leaking out. It will also promote drainage. Add about 2-3 inches of gravel for large pots such as the one you see here.

3. Fill It With A Good Quality Container Soil Mix and tamp it down firmly to prevent excessive settling later on.

4. Plant A Variety of plants of different heights, colors and texture. Be sure to leave ample room for your plants to grow a healthy root system.

5. Water Daily especially in hot weather, or if rainfall is lacking. Do not let the soil dry out, ever, unless you are planting succulents.

6. Fertilize Weekly with a water soluble flower fertilizer. I use Miracle Grow for roses and flowers food. It has the right amount of potassium for maximum flower production. I tablespoon per 1 gallon water. Always water the container before fertilizing the plants.

7. Deadhead Regularly so your plants will not stop producing blooms. Removing spent flowers will make your plants bloom for a long time.

There you have the ABC’s of planting in containers. Just follow the steps above and you will have a beautiful container garden.

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