Red Perennials

Strong, bright flowers such as red perennials excite the eye and create a sense of vibrancy in a garden.

However, when planting red perennial flowers, it is not good to combine red flowers with less vibrant plants since red flowering perennials steal all the attention.

My favorite red planting combination is to grow red flowers with creamy white perennials.

It’s a wonderful color theme for a flower bed that makes a garden really pop.

Another way to use perennials that are red is by color variations. For example there are many types of red flowers.

Some are very dark red, others are more subdued and varied in their red coloring.

I also recommend that you consider the shapes and sizes of the red blooms.

Combining large blooms of the red perennial flower with smaller petite red flowers will create a completely different effect.

Also, the number of blooms of the red perennial flower can vary enormously and therefore create a different look.

Types Of Red Flowering Perennials

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