Small Garden Ideas

Small garden ideas! Get the most out of your small garden space by using my great small landscape ideas.

One of the most important design element for a small garden space is to deepening the design.

My best tip and idea for your tiny garden is to carefully place design elements such as an arbor, pergola, fences and seating.

By doing this you will add depth to your garden, and actually making it feel larger.

Each design element should serve a purpose beyond its intended use.

For example, fences should be a backdrop for a plant collention, arbors are doors into a garden room, and seating should be a focal point.

small garden ideas

A Small Formal Garden With Three Focal Points

The picture above is my idea of the perfect small garden space. It’s just enchanting, don’t you think?

Check out the pergola at the back with the white climbing iceberg rose, it draws your eyes to it.

You can also multiply your garden space by dividing it into discrete areas. This will give it a larger feel and it’s also very charming.

A strong understanding of scale is also important when layering plantings to give your garden even more depth.

For example, larger trees along the perimeter of a property add rhythm and keep your eyes moving through the small space.

Details of Perception
Small Garden Ideas

Careful placement of design elements gives a small plot the spacious look you are seeking for your small garden area.

small garden ideas

Check Out The Cool Colors In This Small Garden

Cool colors of blue, purple, white and green absorb more light than they reflect, making them smart plant selections in small garden spaces.

Details in a small garden, such as architectural or whimsical accents give one a cause to pause.

Pale accents have a similar effect as cool colored plants.

The lighter the color, the better suited they are for a small garden.

Adding flat accents such as an ornamental trellis or metal flower pictures creates the illusion of depth on a vertical surface such as a wall.

Hanging lanterns and windchimes add a see-through design effect as well a touch of whimsy.

A small fountain adds a calming burble sound and tranquility to a garden space.

Go Vertical
More Small Garden Ideas

Vertical gardening is the way to go when you garden in a limited space. It will help your yard live the high life!

small garden ideas

Trellis with Climbing Roses

Reach for the sky in a limited space and expand your garden upwards.

A traditional trellis, like in the picture above, is a simple. lovely way to display beautiful blooms while hiding a boring exterior wall.

Check out the wires between the trellis squares. They make it easy to tie and train the long rose canes. Great Idea!

Hanging flowering baskets from the lower branches of large trees are great ways to have shade-loving flowers in a sunny yard.

Focal Points
Small Garden Ideas

Create multiple focal points and seating areas. Utilize large containers and ornamental pots, garden accents, furniture, arbors and ornaments that match your style. Everything should fit the theme of your garden.

small garden ideas

A Beautiful Focal Point Along A Small Driveway Garden

Ideas for Garden Focal Points

Try some of these small garden ideas for focal points in your garden when creating your garden place. It’s a win, win thing. I recomend three focal points to make it really special.

garden focal point
Wood Obelisk

garden focal point

garden focal point

garden focal point
Ornamental Urn

garden focal point

garden focal point
Garden Accent

The key to success in a small garden is creating one large or several smaller focal points.

This can be as simple as making a flowerbed around a spectacular tree.

Look for an interesting sculpture or piece of garden statuary. Make sure the scale is right and that the focal accents pieces fit your house and surrounding stuctures.

Adding a pergola or an arbor is my favorite way to create a focal point in a garden.

Be creative when elevating smaller potted plants. An old ladder will do the trick.

For an eye-pleasing arrangement create an island bed.

Place a large plant, or small tree in the center, then add perennials and small shrubs in successively shorter heights to the edges of the garden bed.

Another favorite focal point if mine, is using very large glazed containers in a pleasing color and filling it with colorful matching colored flowers and small vines.

Place the large pot in a flowerbed for a great focal point. It looks absolutely smashing. Especially if you are careful and have a pleasing color palette.

Small Landscape Ideas how to build a small garden that looks larger than it is.

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