Spring Bulbs Gardening

I have created some very easy spring bulbs gardening plans that you can use for your own garden.

These are pre-planned flower beds with selected bulbs and perennial combos that will bloom in the spring.

Early bulbs welcome spring to many gardens, from the first snowdrops and species crocuses to elegant hybrid tulips of midspring.

If you want a bulb flower garden for spring, you need to buy the spring blooming bulbs in the fall. That’s right!

Visit your local garden centers in early fall, when they fill up with enticing displays of spring flowering bulbs, for the best selection and the best quality bulbs.

tulips and daffodils in spring garden
Spring may seem a long time away at that point, but spring blooming bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, scilla and grape hyacinths, must be planted in fall to give you the wonderful flowers first thing next spring.

Bulbs blooms in many colors, sizes and shapes, and you can mix and match them in endless combinations.

Once planted, they come back year after year (except in warm climates) with only minimal maintenance.

Spring Bulbs Gardening Plans

Pre-Planned Spring Bulb Garden No 1

The 1st spring bulb garden bed is created around a spring flowering tree, for example a dogwood., but any spring blooming tree will do.

The tree is underplanted with buttercups perennials (Ranunculus). It’s a low-growing spring blooming groundcover that surrounds the beautiful daffodil clusters.

pring bulbs gardening

A Pre-Planned Spring Daffodil Bulbs Flower Bed

Tree: Spring Blooming Tree

ranunculus serpens

A: Creeping Buttercup perennials (Ranunculus repens pleniflorus). A perennial groundcover.


B Daffodil perennial bulbs (Narcissus). They are permanent, increasing from year to year. Deer and gopher resistant.

Pre-planned Garden No 2

The 2nd spring bulb garden bed below features a mid-spring combination of yellow and burgundy flowers.

The lily-flowered burgundy tulips contrast beautifully with the brilliant yellow green ‘Cushion Spurge’ (Euphorbia polychroma).

Spring Bulb Pre-Planned Bed No 2

burgundy tulip

A Burgundy lily-flowered tulips.
Plant about 75 of these perennial lily-shaped burgundy tulips for a spectacular spring show.

cushion spurge
B‘Cushion Spurge’
Euphorbia polychroma
Plant these low growing perennials in front of the tulips about two feet wide. They will make your burgundy tulips pop.

When To Plant Spring Flower Bulbs
Spring Bulbs Gardening

Plant spring blooming bulbs in October or November, usually for up to 4 weeks after your regions first average frost date.

Do not plant too early. Even if spring flowering bulbs are available, in say, September (and they usually are) and planting time in your region isn’t until October.

Don’t plant them early or they’ll start growing prematurely and peter out.

If in doubt check with your local garden nursery that sells garden bulbs.

Chilling Bulbs
In Warm Climates

You need to chill the bulbs for outdoor bloom in warm climate zones.

Some of the most popular spring bulbs need to undergo a cold winter of some sort.

So therefore in the hottest regions, mother nature needs a little help.

In the northern two-thirds of the US and Canada, mother nature takes care of the chill.

But in the southern portions of the US and portions of California (zones 9-11) you must first chill the bulbs in the refrigerator before planting them outdoors.

This chilling must be done for tulips, crocuses and hyacinths for them to grow successfully.

Be sure to store the bulbs in brown paper bags or the breadable meshbags they came in and allow them to chill for 12-16 weeks.

Keep the bulbs separate from fruits, because of the ethylene gas from ripening fruit can kill the bulbs.

Then plant them outdors in December or January in warm climates.

They will only bloom one year in warm climates, but you’ll love the spring show.

I hope you enjoyed the spring bulbs gardening plans I created and use them for your own garden.

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