Stella d Oro Daylily

Stella d Oro daylily; it should actually be spelled Stella de Oro daylily, but people use both spellings.

It’s botanical name is Hemerocallis. Stella de Oro is one the best hybrid perennial daylily varieties.

It grows to 2 feet tall, and is the most popular of all Hemerocallis daylillies.

The reason is that’s it’s very long-blooming, and has striking, bright, golden yellow flowers that are very beautiful.

Stella de Oro daylily will bloom throughout the summer in warm weather climates.

I think this daylily variety is one of the most useful garden flowers, and it requires very little care.

stella de oro daylily

Stella de Oro Daylilies In A Garden

You can’t go wrong with such a prolific bloomer and easy to grow perennial plant.

Each flower lasts only one day, hence it’s name, but the plant is always covered in blooms, because it produces so many in succession.

Growing Information

Stella de Oro daylillies like fertile, moist, but well-drained soil.

Grow them in full sun for the most blooms and the brightest yellow flowers.

stella de oro daylily
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However, they can bloom in partial shade as well, but won’t bloom as much.

In very hot climates, full morning sun until noon, and then afternoon shade is also good.

Compost enriched soil is ideal, but the plants readily adapts to less than perfect conditions, as long as the soil doesn’t stay soggy.

I like growing Stella de Oro daylillies with my roses, as they like the same growing conditions.

Combine them with purple roses and purple perennials for a spectacular color combination and flower garden display.

Best growing zones 5-9.

Dividing Daylillies

You should divide the plant every 3-4 years to maintain good flowering and vigor.

In hot summer areas, divide them in fall or early spring.

In cool summer regions, or where the growing season is short, divide during summer.

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