Summer Flower Bulbs

Summer flower bulbs: spring is a fine time to plant summer bulbs that will make your garden very pretty and colorful during the summer.

It’s easy to create a summer bulb garden by planting lilies, gladiolus, cannas, dahlias and other hardy and tender summer bulbs.

These summer flowering bulbs will start blooming at various times during the summer.

Plant them in spring after all danger of frost has passed.

Below is a sampling of some the best and most beautiful summer bulbs for perennial gardens, along with some tips for growing them successfully.

When you plant them in spring they’ll bloom in summer. Add them to an existing flower bed or create a flower bed with just summer flowering bulbs.

After planting, give them a good soaking and occasional watering after that if rainfall is lacking.

My Favorite Summer Flower Bulbs

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lily flower
Plant the bulbs as soon as you get them in spring beacuse they can dry out quickly. The soil should be evenly most and drain very well. Lilies like compost enriched soil the best. My favorite lily flower is the ‘Casa Blanca’ lily, it’s pure white and smells heavenly. Be sure to plants some of them. I also love the ‘Tiger’ lilies.

gladiolus flower
Large-flowered gladiolus hybrids need to be dug up after frost and stored indoors for winter. Gladiolus make beautiful cutting flowers and look fabulous in a perennial flower bed in summer. I like planting them among shorter rose bushes, because their leaves and the tall flowerspikes really compliment the rose flowers.

canna lilies
In zones 8 and south, canna bulbs can be left in the ground year-round Further north, you’ll need to dig them up and store them in a cool place indoors for winter. In zone 7, you might be able to leave them in the ground if you mulch them heavily,8-12 inches. Canna flowers are very beautiful, but many varieties have stunning varigated leaves as well. They really like it here in Los Angeles and Southern California, where I see them all over town in gardens. I even have some myself.

dahlia flowers
Plant these in early to mid-spring after all danger of frost has passed. Pinch off dead flowers to promote re-blooms. Dig up the bulbs in zones 8 and below before frost, and store them in a cool place for winter. Dahlias have stunning, and very beautiful flowers that really make your garden look fantastic. So be sure to plants some of these summer flower bulbs in your garden.

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