Sweet Potato Vine

The perennial sweet potato vine plant is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world.

Sweet potato vines are perennial vines that grow from tuberous roots.

Its botanical name is Ipomoea batatas.

Since it originates from the tropics, it is best for warm zones such as zones 13, unless you plan to grow it indoors.

It has a trailing habit so it looks great in containers when it’s allowed to spill over the edge a bit.

The foilage has attractive heart shaped leaves that vary in size form 2 – 4 inches long.

If you are planning to plant it outside, you could plant it next to a wire fence and let the vine cascade over it.

Or plant it in a container and train it on an inserted wire trellis.

sweet potato vine

The Sweet Potato Vines Growing In a Large Pot

Popular Plant Varieties

ACE OF SPADES has heart shaped, deep purple leaves that are quite beautiful.

BLACKIE is a fast growing vine with purplish-black leaves.

LADYFINGERS has medium green leaves that are divided into long, fingerlike lobes and the stems have a burgundy color. Very stunning.

MARGUERITE has large golden green foilage that looks beautiful. Check out the picture above.

TRICOLOR and PINK FROST have green leaves with white and pink variegation.

All these varieties are very attractive in hanging baskets as well.

They are low maintenance plants that are easy to grow and care for.

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