Types of Daisy Flowers

Different perennial types of daisy flowers to grow in your garden.

The Leucanthemum, Shasta daisies, have the classic daisy flower with the yellow centers and pure white petals that everyone loves.

The daisy is a summer blooming favorite perennial flower for beds and borders, adding brightness to your flower displays.

The Leucanthemum daisies are clump forming perennials that bloom for long periods in summer, some flower into early fall.

The charming flowerheads come singly on top of long stems.

The dark green clump forming foilage has leaves that are long and toothed.

Daisies look equally good in a wild or informal garden, as in flower borders to lighten planting schemes.

It’s hard to imagine a summer flower garden without daisies. They are also excellent for cutting.

Different Types of Daisies

types of daisy flowers
Shasta Daisy

types of daisy flowers
Becky Daisy

types of daisy flowers
Gerber Daisy Colors

types of daisy flowers
Daisy ‘Crazy’

types of daisy flowers
‘Banana Cream’

types of daisy flowers
Daisy ‘Alaska’

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Leucanthemum superbum: ‘Becky’ shasta daisy is a popular daisy flower cultivar. It usually start blooming a few weeks later than the other daisies. But it has sturdier stems and a very reliable re-bloom. Better than other varieties.

Leucanthemum vulgare: Marguerite, OX-eye daisy, a classic daisy for meadows. Grows to about 12-36 inches high. Single white petaled flowers with bright yellow centers bloom in late spring and early summer. Zones 3-8.

Gerbera jamesonii: Gerber daisy. They are African daisies, and native from South Africa. The most elegant of all daisy flowers, and popular for bridal bouquets. In cold climates treat as an annual. As a perennial, they can bloom anytime of the year with peaks in early summer and late fall. Zones 8-9.

All these daisies make ideal June wedding flowers.

Growing Daisies

The way to grow daisies is to plant them in reasonable fertile soil that drains water well, and in a spot that gets full sun.

Deadhead spent blooms to prolong flowering and prevent too much selfsowing.

Some dasiy varieties repeat flower if cut back before the flowerheads go to seed.

Fertilize regularly, and divide the clumps every two to three years.

Divide perennial daisies in early spring or late summer. Discard the oldest, central portion of plant to help control pests.

You will still have plenty of divisions from each clump.

Sow seeds of perennials in containers in a cold frame in spring or fall.

The deer doesn’t like the taste of daisies, unless they are starving.

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