Types Of Flowers

With so many different types of flowers to choose from, it can be confusing to people new to gardening and growing flowers.

Below is a complete list of the best popular types of all kinds of flowers. Such as types of tropical flowers, perennial flowers, types of lily flowers, and types of daisy flowers and much more.

The backbone of most gardens consists of many types of flowering shrubs, roses of some sort, and perennials.

Perennial types of plants are those, that will go on year after year.

Their flowering time vary, as some perennials flower, as early as spring, while others don’t start blooming until early fall or summer.

An annual is a plant that germinates, grows leaves, flowers and seeds, then dies within a single growing season.

Most types of annuals have brightly colored flowers and most are great for container plantings.

Different Types of Flowers

types of flowers
Perennial Flowers

A list of the best perennials to grow in your garden, by colors. The picture to the left is Gayfeather Liatris , a summer flowering perennial. On this page you will also find shade and sun perennials, and pictures of flowers with buying and growing information.

Types of Flowers
Types of Daisies,Leucanthemum

A genus that contains many types of border daisies. The yellow-centered daisy flower blooms over a long season in summer. Grow in full sun only.

Types of flowers
Daylily Varieties, Hemerocallis

Their tuberous roots grow large clumps of arching swordlike leaves that can be evergreen, semi-evergreen or deciduous, depending on daylily variety. Summer flowering in full sun.

types of flowers
Ground Covers Perennial

Great low growing perennials are available for shady or sunny areas, or where grass won’t grow. Many varities to choose from. The picture to the left is Periwinkle Vinca minor a great groundcover for the shady spot in your garden where you need a little color or to cover up bare spots.

types of flowers
Types of Iris Flowers, Iradaceae

These are perennials from bulbs and rhizomes. A large group of about 300 species that vary in color and form, cultivating needs, and flowering times. The majority bloom in spring or early summer.

types of flowers
Types of Lilies, Lilium liliaceae

They are perennials from bulbs. Very stately and varied bulbous plants, growing from 1 to 9 feet tall. Hybrids and strains provide the very best garden lilies. My favorite lily is the intensly fragrant white ‘Casablanca’ lily, pictured here.

types of flowers
Peony Bushes, Paeonia

Most garden peonies are hybrids. The basic types are herbaceous and tree peonies. Both are descendants from Chinese species. They are extremely longlived plants that are wonderful for a big perennial flower border.

types of flowers
Hollyhock, Alcea rosea

A short-lived perennial or biennial, but very much loved. Old fashioned types of flowers that are tall, and perfect for the back of the border. A romantic cottage garden type of flower.

types of flowers
Mums, Chrysanthemum asteraceae
A favorite perennial for fall garden color. There are 160 species available. The most favorite is C. grandiflorum, which is known as florist chrysantemum. Zones vary for species.

Types of Flower
Coral Bells, Heuchera sanguirea

Best for shady garden areas, or partial shade. Compact plants that are many times grown for their interesting foilage. Spring blooming in most areas. Full sun in cool climates only.

types of flowers

Flowering Vines

Here you will find the most popular and easy to grow vines and climbers for every garden situations, and for many planting zonez. The Clematis variety ‘Nelly Moser’ vine is pictured here.

types of flowers
Types of Roses, Rosa rosaceae
Roses are deciduous and evergreen shrubs and vines. The rose is known as the queen of flowers. It’s the most loves and widely planted shrub in all temperate climate parts of the world. There are more than 14,000 grown varieties. Their canes, mostly prickly, can grow erect, arching, trailing or scrambling. Roses are treasured for their lovely, often fragrant flowers. The rose in the picture is the ‘George Burns’ rose.

types of flowers
Tropical Flowers

There are many types of tropical flowers that you can grow in your garden in a warm climates. They are cold tender so they are only suitable as houseplants in cold climate zones. The Orchids are my favorite tropical plants. This page will list some of the best tropical flowering plants available. Pictured here is the tropical Bromeliad.

Types of Flowers

If you want to grow wildflowers, you have to consider what region you are in. They are grown from seeds. Specialty seed companies have regional mixes that work well in many areas. Local native plant societies can tell you what wildflowes are suitable for your area. This page will give you information about the most popular wildflower varieties.

types of flowers
Coneflowers, Echinacea purpurea

They are tough, colorful perennials with daisy like flowers. The flowers are usually fragrant. I like that they bloom over a long period in summer and continue blooming until frost. Will bloom in spring in warmer climates. The variety ‘Magnus’ is pictured here.

types of flowers
Coreopsis, Asteraceae

Easy to grow flowers fromthe sunflower family. They bloom with profusion of yellow, orange, maroon, or redish flowers. The seeds attract birds. Full sun only. Very drought tolerent.

types of flowers
Hibiscus Malvaceae

They are one of the showiest types of flowers in Western gardens. Some types are very tender tropical species native to Hawaii. The many species have a wide variety of flower color. Plant only in full sun with regular water.

Types of Folwers
Water Lilies

Ever since Monet painted his famous water lilies growing in his lily pond in France, people have been in love with them. Some gardeners create ponds just to grow them. They have spectacular large flowers that float on the water surrounded by lovely round leaves.

Types of Flower
Types of Annual Flowers

The garden’s one season wonder. These types of flowers bloom almost continuously all season, but need replacing every year. They bloom more than perennials because they don’t store food in their roots to survive the winter the way other plants do. There are cool weather annuals and warm weather annuals. In mild climates many can be grown over winter. The picture is showing annual Cosmos flowers.

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