Types Of Lily Flowers

There are so many types of lily flowers available that you can grow in your garden.

So you can have different types of lilies flowering from early summer to fall depending on the species.

The most popular lily flowers are these species: cally lily, peace lily, tiger lily, easter lily, and stargazer lily. They are pictured below.

Then there are the oriental lilies, such as the beautiful pure white and very fragrant ‘Casablanca’ lily and the rosy red, with white petal edges, stargazer lily.

Lilies are bulbous plants that range in height from one foot to nine feet tall.

The lily bloom size depends on individual species.

The growth habit is upright, and they rarely need staking.

The lily flowers can grow in full sun to light shade, but need well-drained organic soil to do well.

Some are very tall and are perfect for the back of the border, or being a centerpiece of flowerbed.

And others are smaller and vey easy to find a spot for, and some are fragrant lilies.

One of the species, the ‘Madonna’ lily, L.candidum, is regarded as a religous emblem.

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types of lily flowers
Madonna Lily

types of lily flowers
Calla Lily

types of lily flowers
Tiger Lily

types of lily flowers
Casa Blanca Lily

types of lily flowers
Stargazer Lily

Types of Lily Flowers
Water Lily

From late spring through the end of summer, lilies produce a wave of showy flowers in a variety of colors.

One of the lily species, the ‘Madonna’ lily, L. candidum is regarded as a religous emblem.

Different Types of Lilies

Asiatic Hybrids: Derived mostly from the Chinese species. Easy to grow and very reliable to the average gardener. Early bloomers. These lilies are not fragrant. Zones 1-9.

Aurelian hybrids, Trumpet Lilies: Derived from Asiatic species. Flowers in midsummer with trumpet shaped blooms that are fragrant. Zones 3-9.

Oriental Hybrids: The most exotic of the hybrid lilies and derived from Japanese species. These lilies bloom from midsummer to fall. The 9 inch flowers are very fragrant. Zones 1-9.

OT Hybrids, Orienpets: Descended from Oriental and trumpet lilies. They can tolerate heat and also don’t need as much winter chill as their Oriental parents. Zones 1-9.

LA Hybrids: These are hybrids between Easter lilies and Asiatic lilies. They grow quickly to 3-4 feet and bloom early. Zones 1-9.

Types of Lily Flowers
Species and Variants

Listed below are some excellent lily species. The one’s with Turk’s cap flowers have blooms with recurved petals.

L. amabile: Native to Korea. Grows 3 feet tall with one to five flowers per stem and blooms in early summer. Zones 2-9.

L. auratum: Gold Band lily. Native to Japan. Grows 4-6 feet high. Very fragrant, white flowers with red spots and gold band. There are 6-30 blooms per stem. Late summer bloomers. Zones 1-7.

L. cernuum: Native to Korea, Manchuria and Siberia. Blooms during summer. 12-20 inch high with fragrant lilac colored flowers, many dotted with darker purple colors. About six blooms per stem. Plant in sandy soil only. Zones 1-9.

L. columbianum: Columbia lily, Tiger lily. Native to British Columbia to Northern California. 5-6 feet tall types of lily flowers with one to six small, golden orange, unscented flowers per stem. Blooms midsummer. Zones 2-7.

L. henryi: Native to China. The 8-9 foot stems carry 10-20 slightly scented, bright orange Turk’s cap flowers. Blooms in Summer. Plant in partial shade everywhere. Zones 1-10.

L. humboldtii: Humboldt lily. Native to the open woodlands of Sierra Nevada. 3-6 feet tall stems of unscented Turk’s cap flowers that are bright orange with large burgundy dots. They bloom in early summer. Zones 2-24.

L. lankingense: An Alpine lily native to China. Grows to 3-5 feet tall with spreading stems. Very fragrant Turk’s cap flowers in rose red with purple spots. Up to 15 flowers per stem. Blooms in midsummer. It’s an extra beautiful type of lily flower.

L. leucanthum centifolium: Native to China. About 18 fragrant white flowers with purple-red streaks on top of 7-8 feet tall stems. The flowers are slightly pendulous with funnel shaped blooms. The most popular lily is ‘Black Dragon’ which has white petals that are pale yellow inside and brownish maroon outside. Summer flowering. Zones 2-9.

L. longiflorum: Easter lily. Native to Japan and Taiwan. These types of lily flowers have short stems with up to six trumpet shaped, very fragrant white flowers. Very popular with the florists for Easter. It’s most likely to bloom in midsumer in your garden. Zones 2-9.

L. martagon: Turk’s cap lily. Native from Europe to Magnolia. In midsummer the 3-5 feet tall stems bear up to 50 pendant flowers each. Blooms are purplish pink with darker spots. Easy to grow but takes time to get established. Zones 1-10.

L. pardalinum: Leopard lily. Native from Southwestern Oregon to Southern California. The 4-8 feet tall stems carry unscented Turk’s cap flowers in orange or red orange coloring with brown centers. Up to 10 flowers per stem. Flowers in late spring early summer. Zones 2-7.

L. pumilum: Coral lily. Native to China, Magnolia and Siberia. About 1 foot stems carry 20 fragrant red Turk’s cap flowers per stem. Blooms early summer. Zones 1-10.

L. regale: Regal lily. Native to Western China. It’s one of the types of lily flowers that is very easy to grow. The 6 feet tall stems carry 25 fragrant funnel shaped white flowers with purple shadings on the outside. The blooms are carried horizontally. Flowers in midsummer. Zones 1-9.

L. speciosum: Native to China, Japan and Taiwan. The stems are 3-5 feet tall. Large, wide, fragrant Turk’s cap blooms are white with rose pink shades and sprinkled with raised crimson dots. There are about 12 blooms per stem in late summer. “Uchida’ is the most popular variety. It has white edged pink flowers with deep pink speckles and red anthers. Zones 1-7.

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