Verbena Flowers

The long-lasting verbena flowers add a long season of color to hot, sunny gardens, and I am a great fan of verbena plants myself.

verbena homestead prurple

A Great Way To Plant Verbena Homestead Purple

So if you have such growing conditions and garden in zones 6 or 7 to 10, plant some perennial verbenas in your garden.

Verbenas like to grow and will flower thes best in full sun with average, well drained soil, not soggy for sure.

They are perennials, although some are grown as annuals.

If your area has very hot summers, them in a spot that gets a bit of afternoon shade, if possible.

The verbena planst produce clusters of small, tubular, five-petaled flowers, usually in summer.

However, in mild regions, such as Southern California where I garden, they will start flowering much earlier.

Most are fast growing ground covers, that are useful for parking strips, along driveways, on dry banks, and hanging baskets.

They are drought tolerant and like warm weather and must have well draining soil.

They should be growing in full sun and the main requirement of perennial verbenas is sharp drainage. They will tolerate faitly poor soil.

Water needs vary with species, so be sure to check the plant labels when purchasing the plants.

Verbena Plant Varieties

verbena bipinnatifida
Verbena bipinnatifida
Perennial. Zones 1-24. Grows 8-16 inches high. It has finely divided leaves and blue flowers and self-sows easily. “Valley Lavender” is a low-growing variety, about 3-6 inches tall with bright lavender flowers over a long peroid. Needs only a liitle water once established.

verbena bonariensis
Verbena Bonariensis
“Brazillian Vervain”. Perennial in zones 8-24, but annual in colder climates. A great border plant growing to 3-6 feet tall, 1.5 -3 feet wide, with airy,branching stems carrying purple flowers. Leaves are usually basal. Self-sows freely. Little water.

verbena homestead purple
Verbena Homestead Purple
Perennial in zones 2-14. Grows 1-2 feet high and 2-3 feet wide. The leaves are dark green with deep purple flowers. Very resistant to mildew. Regular water.

Verbena Plant Care

On all winter-surviving verbena flowers, cut back old growth to just above the lowest green shoots, in mid-spring.

Also in mid-spring pinch off the shoot tips on young plants, to encourage them to branch out.

Apply a monthly balanced soluble fertlizer when the verbenas are in flower.

Despite this, bedding verbenas may flower less profusely in prolonged periods of cool, cloudy weather.

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