Woolly Yarrow

Woolly yarrow, Achillea tomentosa, is a perennial yellow groundcover yarrow.

Yarrows, and especially the A. tomentosa yarrow variety, are some of the most carefree and longblooming perennials for summer and early fall.

When newly planted, they do need some watering, but once established, yarrows are very drought tolerant.

The woolly yarrows, A. tomentosa’s, originated in Europe and western Asia.

It forms a soft flat mat to about 6-12 inches (15-30 cm) with fernlike, gray-green foilage.

The woolly yellow yarrow flower heads arrive in flat clusters on top 6-10 inch stems.

Woolly Yarrow

Achillea tomentosa 'Woolly Yarrow'

I like this variety of yarrow plant for edgings and as groundcovers for smaller areas in your garden.

It’s not a good plant for large areas, so choose another groundcover for large garden spots.

Shear off the dead blooms and you’ll have a very attractive gray-green flat groundcover.

All yarrows grow best in full sun and in well-drained loose dryish soil.

Unlike many common perennial plants, yarrows don’t like compost enriched soil

You should divide the clumps in spring, or in fall, about every other year.

They are also easy to grow from seeds in spring or summer. Leave the seeds uncovered.

A. tomentosa’s best growing zones are 2-9.

Planting A. Tomentosa Yarrow

Space new plants 18 inches apart and water regularly if no rainfall.

Make sure you plant them in well-draing soil.

Cold, damp, or hot humid weather, can kill yarrows, so don’t plant them if you garden in such climates.

Scatter an all-purpose organic fertilizer in late fall or early winter.

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